Reading Response

The readings are about copyright rules when it comes to creating art. A lot of art is made using pieces and techniques and images from other people’s art, but what is okay and what crosses the line of copyright infringement? These readings answer that question and define that line. Using copyrighted material in your art should be with a clear and explainable purpose. You must cite the artist of the copyrighted material, “unless there is an articulable aesthetic basis for not doing so” (Center for Media and Social Impact, sect. 3). Using existing art to create new art can be a beautiful thing for art because it is essentially creating new culture. I really liked the quote from the Fair Use At Work in the Visual Arts video starting at 2:41 in which the person says, “We all build culture on top of existing culture. We are building on what came before us and we’re adding to it, we’re adding value to the culture by our own expressions.”

Imaginary Product + Logo

Green Cat

Tea and Feline Lounge

” Welcome to Green Cat! We are a tea lounge with a fluffy twist. As you sip on a cup of tea or coffee, you can enjoy the company of our cuddly and lovable feline friends who are being sheltered here while they wait for a forever home. We are a fully functioning adoption shelter, so you could even have the opportunity to take one of them home with you if you fall in love!

Our specialty drink is the Green Tea Latte, but we also have an assortment of coffees and fresh juices or smoothies. We hope to see you soon! ”

Credit to the following artists from the Noun Project: sagit milshteir and Marianna Nardella.

Research Project image compiling

here are some images i’ve found and compiled so far for my research project. my topic is lesbians, or more broadly: wlw.

vintage/victorian lesbians:


some vintage and some more modern:







60s (Paris):



Second Gay Pride Week in New York City





Ellen (2012)


Ellen (2008):


Movies/TV Shows/Entertainment

Xena (1995):


The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister


Tipping the Velvet




Fun Home, The Broadway Musical of 2015:


Carol (2015):


Bart Simpson exercise

i didn’t quite finish the exercise because i wanted to spend more time on the imaginary product project while in class. but i really got the hang of making curved lines and utilizing layers and merging lines and so on.

personally, i felt like the resolution devised to fix the problem about the eyes and the nose could be.. resolved a little simpler? like maybe just make them different layers to begin with? i could be wrong and that could end up being more work anyways, but i think i’m used to making a lot of layers when i work so it would seem like a simple fix..

anyways, i did like this exercise. i think tracing is a good method for practicing new techniques. i hope maybe we can learn about how to make the shadows?

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 8.08.39 PM

and i guess (c) to the artist of the simpsons or whatever……..

Matisse exercise

i had a good time getting re-acquainted with illustrator because it had been a while for me personally. i probably spent too much time worrying about the details. i didn’t finish the little person figure but regardless, i think i got the hang of what we learned so far. this is what i got completed while in class.

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 8.52.57 PM




Imaginary Project planning

product/concept: green cat

place: a cat cafe. a tea lounge. A CAT TEA LOUNGE!! their specialty is green tea lattes. (~:

item: a recycling bin shaped like a cat. an energy producing thing shaped like a cat. cat products made of recycled material.

service: a recycling service. 

way of life: living mindfully, living green.

Introduction + Review

Review of the syllabus:

The research blog should be a place to track your progress, post exercises, write responses to readings, and more. It’s better to be detailed.

Exercises are not necessarily required to be completed, but show our progress and and reflection. Projects are however mandatory and is evaluated by three components: assignment objective, process, and craft.

Attending and participating in class critique is mandatory. It is better to arrive on time with an incomplete project than to arrive late, because late arrival to critique will result in losing a point. Late projects may be turned in one day late with a 2 point deduction.

You have 3 absences for any reason, and any absence beyond that will deduct points. Arriving late to class 3 times equals one absence.

Review of Introduction to Digital Media + Time Design:

The characteristics of digital media include:

  • numerical representation
  • modularity
  • automation
  • variability

An example besides the ones presented include:

  • Hashtags on posts or images. This uses automation/algorithms to connect many various images and posts throughout media and the world.

Vector-based graphics: composed of lines, determined by formulas; has flexibility, best for logo design or flat graphics; Illustrator is vector-based

Pixel-based graphics: images are composed of a grid of small picture elements aka pixels; allows for precise control and rich detail in images; less flexible than vector because it is controlled by the number of pixels in an image; Photoshop is pixel-based

Cassandra Jones artwork relied on digital media because she was compositing other people’s photos of the same subject into a single project, or piece. Her wallpaper piece is a prime example because she got the images of cheerleaders from the internet. She was using the element of variability in her pieces because she constructs an image out of multiple smaller images in various positions or sizes. She uses automation when she searches in Google for the images, which runs on a set of automated algorithms.