Introduction + Review

Review of the syllabus:

The research blog should be a place to track your progress, post exercises, write responses to readings, and more. It’s better to be detailed.

Exercises are not necessarily required to be completed, but show our progress and and reflection. Projects are however mandatory and is evaluated by three components: assignment objective, process, and craft.

Attending and participating in class critique is mandatory. It is better to arrive on time with an incomplete project than to arrive late, because late arrival to critique will result in losing a point. Late projects may be turned in one day late with a 2 point deduction.

You have 3 absences for any reason, and any absence beyond that will deduct points. Arriving late to class 3 times equals one absence.

Review of Introduction to Digital Media + Time Design:

The characteristics of digital media include:

  • numerical representation
  • modularity
  • automation
  • variability

An example besides the ones presented include:

  • Hashtags on posts or images. This uses automation/algorithms to connect many various images and posts throughout media and the world.

Vector-based graphics: composed of lines, determined by formulas; has flexibility, best for logo design or flat graphics; Illustrator is vector-based

Pixel-based graphics: images are composed of a grid of small picture elements aka pixels; allows for precise control and rich detail in images; less flexible than vector because it is controlled by the number of pixels in an image; Photoshop is pixel-based

Cassandra Jones artwork relied on digital media because she was compositing other people’s photos of the same subject into a single project, or piece. Her wallpaper piece is a prime example because she got the images of cheerleaders from the internet. She was using the element of variability in her pieces because she constructs an image out of multiple smaller images in various positions or sizes. She uses automation when she searches in Google for the images, which runs on a set of automated algorithms.


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