Bart Simpson exercise

i didn’t quite finish the exercise because i wanted to spend more time on the imaginary product project while in class. but i really got the hang of making curved lines and utilizing layers and merging lines and so on.

personally, i felt like the resolution devised to fix the problem about the eyes and the nose could be.. resolved a little simpler? like maybe just make them different layers to begin with? i could be wrong and that could end up being more work anyways, but i think i’m used to making a lot of layers when i work so it would seem like a simple fix..

anyways, i did like this exercise. i think tracing is a good method for practicing new techniques. i hope maybe we can learn about how to make the shadows?

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 8.08.39 PM

and i guess (c) to the artist of the simpsons or whatever……..


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