Reading Response

The readings are about copyright rules when it comes to creating art. A lot of art is made using pieces and techniques and images from other people’s art, but what is okay and what crosses the line of copyright infringement? These readings answer that question and define that line. Using copyrighted material in your art should be with a clear and explainable purpose. You must cite the artist of the copyrighted material, “unless there is an articulable aesthetic basis for not doing so” (Center for Media and Social Impact, sect. 3). Using existing art to create new art can be a beautiful thing for art because it is essentially creating new culture. I really liked the quote from the Fair Use At Work in the Visual Arts video starting at 2:41 in which the person says, “We all build culture on top of existing culture. We are building on what came before us and we’re adding to it, we’re adding value to the culture by our own expressions.”


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