Post-Peer Review Assessment

I have the audio mostly finished and an idea of what I want my clip to look like, so now it’s a matter of executing and completing that. I have about 5 seconds animated so far. At the end of this class I hope to have at least half of the clip animated. Then on Wednesday I hope to finish animating the next half. So over the weekend and before Monday I will have only minimal tweaking and adjusting I need to finish to have it completed by 8pm. It’s just a bit tedious considering the clip is 30fps and we have to create each frame somehow, so that’s my only concern.

Case Study of Matrix III by John Whitney

Matrix III

Part 1, First Impression

My first impression of this work is that it’s relaxing and flows very well, especially in conjunction with sound and visuals. In my opinion some of the other videos were loud and flashy and hard to watch, but this one was smooth and soft.

Part 2, Formal Analysis

This work utilizes symmetry, pattern, movement, rhythm, and repetition. It especially utilizes synchresis, synchronizing moving images and sound. I see this specifically in the last minute and a half of the video. I like the figure eight the lines are traveling in and how the frequency and spacing alternates in coordination with the sound. The busier the audio gets, the more lines and less space between lines there is. And near the end the music gets very jumbly, but the lines slow down kind of in an opposite way than you would expect. But this is because the lines are slowing down preparing for the music to also slow down.

2016-03-07 (1)2016-03-07 (4)2016-03-07 (5)

Part 3, Thinking with Digital Media

I think this piece and the designs he made would be really powerful with an additional three-dimensional aspect to it. It already feels almost three-dimensional with the way the shapes move and grow and shrink, like it appears as though they’re moving back and forward. I would enjoy recreating something like these lines making a rhythmic pattern or shape and alternating in speeds and spacing. I would like to recreate the appearance of something moving back and forth without an actual 3D technique (because I don’t even know how to make an animation Actually 3D) like John did. I think it would be doable, it’s just a matter of making shapes larger and smaller and moving them in conjunction with each other or with something remaining still as a point of reference.